Sneads Ferry, NC (The Beginning)

IMG_7332Sneads Ferry, North Carolina- The starting point of our journey! We have been fortunate to live in this small but fast growing community for the last 12 years. The Marine Corps brought us here and after leaving active duty service in 2013 we decided to stick around. We raised a family, lost some friends, grew a few businesses, sold some off and closed some down. Sneads Ferry and the surrounding area has treated our family well and we have been blessed by the opportunities provided by the military and the community. Great people, quiet location and minutes from Topsail Island beaches. What else can we ask for?

Change is the only constant in life. If we are not growing we are dying. It takes constant self reflection to assess where you are and where you want to go. Over the last few years, transitioning out of the military has been a rough road. With business as a replacement for fulfillment and constantly coming up short with satisfaction, moving on to the next thing was the natural thing to do. With deep reflection and growth in self awareness, the decision to reset a few things in life and utilize the time to spend it with family is what lead us to this point. We can’t let comfort and familiarity stagnate us into mediocrity. We will always fall down but the goal is to make sure we are falling forward. Till next time!

-Jimmy Chiang

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