Selling it ALL of to Travel the World!

Auction day is fast approaching! March 24th and the bidding starts. The only things left after will be a few sentimental items, the packs on our back and the Toyota Prius, at least for the 3 month road trip until we fly to Greece and onward. To look around the house right now, the pressure is on since it seems everything needs to be done but not much really. Lets leave it to the Auctioneers. The amount of accumulation of the past years as a growing family of 4 has taken its toll and filled in the corners of a too large a house for our size. All will be well with the start of the the first bid and the closing of the last as to signify the beginning of our new lives as World Travelers. At the end of the day, the only thing we really need is our packs, shelter, some food and each other.

Whats Next?

Another few weeks down and another few to go before kick off. This week will be a milestone in the regards of being able to completely clear the plate and solely focus on the planning of the journey. With selling the business, leasing out the property, re-homing the pups and everything else that comes along with getting ready to travel the world, life has been a bit of a hot mess. To be honest though, the hustle of it all and the process of an endeavor like this is what gets my gears moving. Im not just motivated but “DRIVEN”. Upon waking to the time I pass out, actions are directed at this venture. Lets see where it leads or how long it lasts……… Do the shuffle!


The Daily Grind! (Workout of the Day)

The Daily Grind section has just been pinned. It will take you to our Instagram and Facebook accounts where we will post our daily workouts during our prep for travels and along our journey. Things are simple enough currently since we still have gym/equipment access. Once we get on the road we will probably drop in to gyms here and there. Mostly we are planning to adapt, modify and make do with daily objects that are at hand and what nature provides us. Shouldn’t be too hard but I’m sure it will be interesting (I already prepped Carol-Ann about back squatting her on double leg days). Stay tuned and keep it real. 😉



First Entry! 2/13/2018

Finally getting the website up and running in a rough fashion but bit at a time. Tons to do and even more behind but we can’t stop time so we will go with the flow and let things fall where they may.  This last week has been a tornado of activities in prep for our journey around and all over the world. Coco was the first pup to be re-homed and we have 3 more to go. Getting things set aside and prioritized for the upcoming auction (last week of March tentatively). Transitioning with the new owner of Sneads Ferry CrossFit from the recent sale of our business will be ongoing for the next few weeks and things will just keep building until we pop smoke out of here! Make sure you catch up with the rest of the nitty gritty on our YouTube channel which will be posted shortly!

-Jimmy Chiang