Daily Grind

This LINK will take you to where we will be posting our daily workouts while we are on the road traveling (Click on the images for the workout of the day). The workouts will draw from experiences in fitness from the past 20+ years and focus primarily on our individual goals and function.

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I have been fortunate to have studied, trained for and experienced a wide range of physical training programs. From numerous 100 mile ultra marathons to multiple Special Operations Selection and Assessment courses, training for them has varied greatly. Having the opportunity to train hundreds of individuals in the military as well as being a former Owner/Coach at a couple training facilities in the past has provided a broad and deep experience within the fitness industry.

Studying under some of the greatest minds in the industry as well as continuing education in fitness, we will strive to grow our knowledge along with our bodies. Our goal is to train for longevity with the programming focused around balance in Monostructural, Strength and Gymnastic modalities with progression in Absolute Strength, Strength Speed, Speed Strength and Absolute Speed. Without conventional workout equipment in tow, we will let nature and our creativity lead the way. Follow along daily and use what you think will assist you in achieving your individual goals and improve your daily function. Have a good one!

-Jimmy / MK1 FIT / “Train For Life”