Our Story


We’re Carol-Ann, Jimmy, Lana and Alyssa Chiang. Together we’re “The Chiang Gang“.

2018 brought us many CHANGES and new opportunities but the FIRST and BIGGEST was the DECISION to TRAVEL FULL TIME. We sold our business, all our belongings, left what we knew as home and set off to travel the world together on a journey that we can only describe as the best risk we’ve ever taken.  We traded the hamster wheel of life for more family time, a simpler way of living and the chance to follow our own interests while we create memories around the world.  Now that our feet are wet, we’re keen to keep going.

We’re in pursuit of challenge, adventure and living life to its fullest. Our mission is to inspire others to make bold moves, take risks, pursue their passions and most importantly to enjoy life!

We hope you enjoy reading and following along on our adventures as we walk the earth as a family of 4!